Client Experience

''We have Hit A Record In Terms Of Total Income What I Did"

Tariq was working in the online health coaching space for some time but was feeling burnout following age-old strategies, when he came in contact with Shiven, he learned & applied new strategies into his coaching business. Eventually, he was able to hit a record revenue collection of 125,000 (INR) in just 18 days & in next month 6 months he was able bring in a revenue of 11 Lakh into his Signature Health Coaching Program !

-Coach Tariq Mohammad !!

"Meeting You Shiven, It Narrowed Down My Efforts"

“Audrey Started As A Health Professional From Scratch as when she started with us she was a clinical scientist and aspired to be a health coach.Within 8 Weeks She Was Able To Enroll Qualified Clients Into Her Health Coaching Business” 
– Coach Audrey Robertson !!

"When I met Shiven Things Changed and I Got Better & Focused Clients''

“Naman was working with a Fortune 500 brand, but his love for fitness made him quit his job and started as a Master Functional Trainer. It was after getting into fitness coaching full-time  he was selling his program at 5K INR and was getting clients with low emotional investment, it was just a matter of few weeks after going through the program Naman was able to charge high ticket and enroll more emotionally invested clients @ 22K INR”
 – Coach Naman Prashar !!

"Shiven Took & Redesigned What I Had Already To Make The Customer Journey Smooth"

“Adam instead of having exceptional results for his clients was not able to sell his program as he desired, we sat together and identified gaps in his program and plugged in the same which helped us to get incremental results in his health coaching business.” 

– Coach Adam McDonald !!

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